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Kiera Nagle is a NYC Wedding Officiant. She can assist you and your betrothed in envisioning your ideal wedding ceremony, incorporating all the elements that you desire into the ultimate experience. She offers a range of consultations and services to add artistry to your ideas. Kiera has no specific religious affiliation and can perform a range of ceremonies, from civil and non-denominational, to something more spiritually based. As ministry is required by NY in order to legally perform weddings, she is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.

From the simplest experience: the signing of your license in front of two witnesses, to orchestrating a formal ceremony with artistic, cultural and/or spiritual elements, Kiera will work with each couple closely to integrate all of the parts into a cohesive whole. The mission of Myspiderheart Moments is to weave everything together into a web of infinity, the couple being married, their visions, their love, and the love of those who surround them on this special day. Love is love is love…


Myspiderheart Moments started out as Myspiderheart Matrimonials, but since adding other services (Memorials, Memory-making, Family-Making, Birth Story Keeping) the name has changed to become all-encompassing. 

For more information please email kiera@mamassage.org or book your wedding consultation at this link.