Maia & Andy


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The story of Maia and Andy begins with travel. Long before they met, they traveled from their homes and landed in the same destination, without meeting! In has been said: “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.” There was a synchronicity for Maia and Andy in time and space, but the moment was not yet right for their paths to cross. The lines were drawn from north to south, from west to east. They were sixteen, and it was the 2003 Maccabee Games in Texas. Maia was on the swim team, and Andy played soccer. Little did they know they would one day become this traveling team of two, and each other’s MVP. Traveling, being part of a team, rooting each other on, these were all skills Maia and Andy were acquiring on the road. “This was really the way the whole road experience began, and the things that were to come are too fantastic not to tell.” There was nothing to tell of their relationship yet, but we can envision the lines on the maps of Maia and Andy’s lives, crossing each other, overlapping. We know NOW how fantastic things would become…

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