Noelle & Tom


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Tom and I wanted our ceremony to be special for us as well as our guests. So, we got down on one knee and proposed to Kiera, and asked her to marry us! Kiera created a ceremony that was undeniably memorable, filled with humor, heartfelt sentiments, and elements that really engaged our guests. Most notably, she incorporated aspects from Native American traditions. One of these was the invocation of the seven directions, which allowed our guests to feel a part of the ceremony by summoning energy from all around us, and reminding us to stay in the present and to focus on what was happening. Kiera also used a beautiful Pendleton blanket in the ceremony to wrap us for the moment we became one, as husband and wife. Tom and I used Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Will Be Here” for our vows. Kiera assisted us in finding our “let love grow” theme, which came to life with the readings she helped us select for the ceremony, and was truly complimented by being outside in the beautiful garden surrounded by all the trees and flowers coming to life for the season. The funny thing is, for the 13 months leading up to our wedding, I had envisioned the ceremony would take place in the cherry blossom esplanade. When we went with Kiera to the garden earlier during the week of the wedding, we saw that due to the long winter only a handful of the cherries had blossomed. What we found instead was kismet. The fully bloomed magnolia plaza complimented everything we had planned for the ceremony: from the compass rose sculpture, where Kiera stood to call the directions and invoke the ceremony, to the color of the magnolias against the bridesmaids dresses. The plaza was perfectly suited for our ceremony, creating an intimate yet long aisle, flanked by blossoms at every side. In contrast with the organic shapes of nature, the straight lines of the garden’s architecture created a balance in their opposition. The ceremony came together with Kiera’s direction and she worked with us to bring our vision to life. – Noelle 

See more about this wedding at the following link: Botanical Garden Wedding Covered in Cherry Blossoms – Style Me Pretty.

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