Prior to booking your wedding date, Kiera will meet with you, the couple- preferably in person, though Zoom and phone meetings are also possible. In the one hour initial consultation, Kiera will listen to the couple’s wishes and guide them if they are not quite clear on what exactly they envision. During the consultation, the couple will complete a worksheet with Kiera and answer questions regarding their preferences for the ceremony and all its aspects. The fee for the initial consultation is $100.

If the couple chooses to Save the Date and book their ceremony with Kiera as the officiant, she will follow up with an outline of what the couple discussed and summarize the program of the ceremony. Depending on what aspects the couple decides upon, where the ceremony is held, and how many hours Kiera will be an active participant, the rates for booking begin at $350 and up. Kiera will be in contact via email, phone, and Zoom as needed leading up the ceremony to finalize details as required.

If you have questions, email or click the link below:

Consultation for Wedding Ceremony

Consultation for Wedding Ceremony


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