*NEW* Virtual Weddings!

In case you haven’t heard, one positive to come out of the pandemic is that NYS has approved

VIRTUAL WEDDINGS and I am here for it!

Always wanted to get married from the comfort of your own home? Or in your pajamas? Or with your dog nearby? Or close to the conjugal bed? Or are you just in need of a quick ceremony to get the paperwork done? Or in a format so loved ones don’t have to travel too far (especially during a pandemic?) and you can do your own socially distant party thereafter? Let’s do this! We can still create individualized elements for your ceremony, including (but not limited to) music (live or streamed), spiritual components, write your own vows, fun participant features, etc. The only have-tos are that NYS requires that the betrothed, the officiant, and at least one witness are in NYS at the time of the virtual ceremony, and you must be able to sign the documents electronically. I’m happy to figure this out with you, and work with your budget for this newest wedding trend! Please email me at kiera@mamassage.org to get the process started.