Celebrating Transition

Celebration of Transitions

We live in such a way that we are required to not-pause, to keep going and pushing through, to make a living and work and carry on. In momentous moments of our lives, such as preparing to become a parent or grandparent, receiving gender-affirming care, blending our family with someone else’s, moving, embarking on a new path on the map of our lives… it may behoove us to slow down and honor the transition that is occurring / will occur / has occurred. There are many ways to connect to our experiences emotionally and through individualized rituals: blessing-ways, memory-making, family-making, birth story keeping, and so many others.

Let me help you to envision a moment of ceremonial support, whether experienced as an individual, small group, or grander gathering. Rather than just throwing a party, where most participants and the guest of honor get minimal moments of authentic interaction, we can create a meaningful experience that can help solidify the memory of this celebratory passage.

Photos by @this_aperture